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How To Increase and boost WiFi Signal Strength on Laptop

Hello Everyone Now time to Increase Wifi Signal strength on laptop, Today I’m giving you Some Tips and Tricks about How to Boost your wireless signal strength. So Let’s Start First of all thanks to Laptop Because in laptop you don’t need to adding any other Wireless interface Hardware like Desktop PCs. In laptop technology have this feature built in. If your laptop Not Showing any connecting Wifi option so First you need to install Wireless network Adapter driver. because Without driver you can’t Connect With your Wifi Router. You Can Easily find any laptop Wireless Network Interface Driver from Here. Just Go to Search and type your Laptop Model and Get Free Driver Download Link. Now Let’s Come on the Point.

WiFi Signal Strength
How To Increase and boost WiFi Signal Strength on Laptop

How To Increase and boost WiFi Signal Strength

Laptop’s Wireless interface Stronger than any other Smartphone’s Wi-Fi Radio. It’s Mean You can Get Better Wireless Signal and Wifi Speed on your laptop. If  Your Wireless Network Very weak and your laptop not able to connect your network, If you are on on the best place and not getting better performance then you need to implement these tips and tricks. If you Follow me I hope you will Succes in boost your WiFi Signal on laptop.

1. First Need Upgrade Your Wireless Router

In latest Model Laptop Are Using 802.11g and 802.11n Circuitry to utilize Wireless interface networks. If your Wi-Fi Router Not 802.11g or 802.11n So you need to Upgrade it. For Getting Full ultra Speed on your laptop.

2. Wi-Fi Signal Repeater

If you Need long range and Wireless So You need Wifi signal Repeater, Some People Called WiFi Amplifier or Also Wireless extender. It Getting Wi-Fi Signal From your Router and then Repeat it. and increase Wifi Signal Strength, It Will Rebroadcast signal and Increase your Coverage area. this is one of the best way.

3. Antenna Difference

You Need also Exchange your antenna. In Wireless Device two type antenna one is directional and one is Omni. Directional antenna work on direction. and Omni antenna work 320 degree. Now Replace your Standard router antenna with Omni antenna and increase signal range.

4. Use and Install Other External Wi-Fi adaptor

Laptop Wireless Interface adapters working good but External Wi-Fi Device are Great. Some Old Model Laptops not getting better wifi signal strength, Now Disable your Built-in Wireless Card. and connect and install other external Wi-Fi adapter. External Wi-fi dongle also Large Hi-Gain Antenna and fast technologies and also help improve your signal.

5. Wireless channel Issue

Now time to Understand About Wireless Channel. Wi-Fi Router Device Broadcast signals on Many Several channels. If your laptop connected this channel is providing a lot of interference, Now Go to Router or access point’s setting page and configure your channel Setting and change your channel.

6. Select Best Position Router

You Can Also Increase Wi-Fi Signal Via Change Wi-Fi Router position. Just you Need to find Center Location in your Home or Office. And Care to Placing Router or Access point near any type Metal or electronics Equipment. Because that use your wifi signal strength.

7. Best Router Selection

This is most important and useful tip, When you Purchase your Wi-fi Router Keep in mind some Best Wireless Companies. I will share you Some best router List With you.

  1. Cisco
  2. Linksys
  3. UBNT
  4. Tp-Link
  5. MT-Link
  6. D-Link

8. Watch this Video for one More Tip

Now Follow this Some Steps and Increase your Wifi Signal strength No need any android app and software Now I am Waiting your Best comments. and also Share With your Friends.