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How to Secure Your Home (WiFi) Wireless Network

Wireless Network Made easy anyone to use Internet on your Pc, Laptop, Mobile Phone, tablets and other Wireless interface devices in the home without the clutter of Cables. With Wired Networks, But Now a big problem with wireless signal is that any other person can access your internet and using your Dsl or Broadband connection even they are in a building or sitting near your home and outside your apartment.

Wireless Network

This Security Problem is bad for three Reasons:

  • If some One Download and stream large files so it will be increase your monthly broadband internet bill. When if you pay per Mb data Transfer.
  • When Some One Connect With your Wifi and Start Downloading and browsing data then your internet speed going decrease.
  • Most Important problem other person can create a Security hazard* and access your personal data through your own Wifi Network.

How to Secure Your (WiFi) Wireless Network

This Work not To hard any Computer expert make your WiFi Network Secure, After reading this Article. Here you can read some Simple thing that you should to Secure your WiFi Networking.

Step 1. Find Router IP and Open Router Setting Page

First of All you need to understand about Router Setting. How to Access your WiFi Wireless Router Settings. You can access your router via IP address Many type IP use different companies. Most Using IP is and I am Giving you one more tip How to find Wireless Router access IP address. Connect your Wireless Router via Wire or Wireless and then go to network Connection and Find local area network connection if connect via wire and click on this icon. If you are using Windows XP so go to Support tab if using windows Seven 7 then go to Details button. Here you can Find your Router IP address Now watch in Image.

Find Wifi Router IP


You can Also find Router Ip address from Back side on your Router. After Getting IP address Open Any Browser in your Computer and type your device Address in it. and enter your username and password for access. Admin username and admin password is Default.

You can Google other router manuals online. I’m Share with you direct links of most popular router brands – Cisco, 3Com, Linksys, Tp-Link, D-Link, Netgear, Apple Airport, Buffalo, Belkin.

Step 2. Keep Unique and Special Word Password

When You Get Access after follow Step 1. Now First of all for Secure your Wireless network you need to change default password of the Router. Because Default password everyone know. after change router password now Your Router Secure, and no one can Access in your Router. For changing default password you need to go administration setting on your Wireless router setting page.

Step 3. Change your Wireless Network Funny Name

The SSID ( WiFi Network Name) Of your WiFi Router is Default like if you purchase any brand like Linksys so your Default SSID is (e.g., Linksys). When you Keep your Network Name So any person know which network they are connecting to.

Keep in mind don’t use your own name and home address or other personal information. this all setting under your router configuration page.

Step 4. Turn on Network Encryption

You Need to encrypt your WiFi Wireless Signal for Securing your Wireless Networking. In Wireless Router’s Many type of Encrypt Methods for Secure. like WEP, WPA (WPA-Personal), and WPA2 (WiFi Protected access Version 2). WEP is old Technology any one easily cracked. WPA2 is one of the secure but compatible after 2006 Hardware.

For Enable Wireless Network Encryption Setting , Open your Router Configuration page.then go to wireless security setting in left side menu. Now Select Any Method but keep in mind if your Router old so you need to just keep WEP Encryption. otherwise go To WPA2. Now Keep your Wireless Password With Some Special and combination of Numbers, letters and Special characters.

Step 5. Mac Address Filter Policy

This Is one of the Best Policy Because After Apply this policy No one Can Connect your Router. Now You need to find your Computer, Laptop, Mobile Mac Address. How To Find Mac Address Just Follow Some Step and you can Get your Mac address you need again go to Network connection and go to local area network icon and click on Support tab if using windows XP and Click on Details If Using Windows Seven or 8. Now Watch Image Here You can Easily Find Physical address.

How To Find Mac Address

Now Collect your All Home Wireless Network Device Mac Address and Go to Router mac address policy page. and Create Policy and add your all mac address and tick on allow and save setting. After it Restart your Wireless Network Router. Now Your Network Totaly Secure now one Can Connect With your Network.

Step 6. WiFi signal Range Reduce

If you staying in a Small Apartment, and your Wifi Router has a high range. You can Also Decreasing the Signal Range. In your you have 2 to 3 Option 802.11g, 802.11n  and 802.11b. If your router on 802.11g mode so change it in 802.11b. If your Apartment big and you need to increase Wifi Signal SO Read this Article How To Increase and boost WiFi Signal Strength on Laptop .

Also Watch This Video For Some Best Experince How to Open and How to Configure Router


How To Find How many user’s connected to your Wireless Network

You Need to Login in your Wireless Network Router. after getting Access go to Wireless setting Tab and here you watch wireless statistics and Wireless Clint option. Now go and watch how many user Connected to your Wi-Fi Network. You can Also Block via Mac Address Policy, IP address policy and wireless encryption policy. I’m Define All Policy Setting in above article With details. Now I’m Waiting your Best Review about this article and Also Share With your Friends.