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Internet Speed Test Meter From Drivertonic


The question of why having an internet speed test is necessary has a complete background which initiates with the use of internet. The internet has revolutionized our lives like nothing before. The invention of the internet has, in simple words, brought the world at our door steps.

Everything under the sky is now within your access. It is quite true that without Internet the world of 21st century will crumble mightily. Such is our dependence on internet although we humans depend on food for survival it can also be said that for some people food comes through internet. The internet is their food and water. For instance people who work on internet that is those earn money through internet. But exactly why has internet completely changed the balance of our lives? Why would we simply end up being nothing without the internet?

Internet has millions of advantages for those who use it. Its advantages are what has forced even backward conventional people to get an internet connection. Internet undoubtedly has taken over our lives. From warning money on internet, freelance jobs, making assignments, interacting with friends and family on the other end of the globe, carrying out transactions all over the world and getting everything you desire just at your doorstep within a couple of days. It is a fact that just before a decade or two things like these would never have been possible even considering such things would have been considered foolish be many people, such are the unique and unimaginable use of internet. Internet has increased the leisure time for masses. Now that everything can be done through internet like getting access to different types of information instead of going through a whole library has obviously multiplied the leisure time we have at our hands. The increase in leisure time have been the source of success of many businesses. For example the tourism industry is facing a boost these days as people make full use of the leisure time they have and spend it chilling out. Not just this the education sector is also facing a major boom with the advent of internet. As thousands of people can now study simply through their homes. Absolutely no need of going out of your homes. Also many course books are available on internet for reading which saves the expense incurred for studying and hence encourage low income people to give it a try. Many educational and inspiring videos are available which persuade people further.

Internet Speed Test
Internet Speed Test Meter From Drivertonic

More Features about Internet Speed Test Meter

Aren’t these merits of internet enough for people to give an internet connection a try. You absolutely need to get an internet connection today if you want to be on the receiving end of such exceptional benefits. But what is the use of internet with slow speed? None if you ask me. In fact a slow internet speed instead of benefitting you, tires you out and gives you mental stress. Before making the decision of choosing which Internet service provider to choose for establishing an internet connection at your home you first need to check the bandwidth it is providing you with an internet speed test online.Trust me if the speed is low you need to think twice about it definitely. But if unfortunately you have already brought the services you can always check the speed through DSL speed test. This online internet speed test will enable you to know the speed at which you are receiving and sending the packets and if the network speed test shows a lower speed than that was agreed with your internet service provider than you can always make a claim which obviously would be based on proof. This internet speed testing will eventually your ISP will make sure that you receive the speed which was agreed upon initially. The best part is that these it’s a free internet speed test.

This website provides you with an internet connection speed test tool and is the answer to the question, ‘how can I test my internet speed’. You can check internet speed of all types. You can carry out network speed tests for your cable network and DSL network. Wireless internet speed test and broadband speed test can also be done with the help of theinternet speed test.The question that might hit one’s mind is that how exactly internet speed tests tool carries out such test! Well of course they have their very own way to check the latency of your internet connection. The network speed test, to check the rate of your internet speed sends some packets to the nearest server by pinging it the server then resend those packets back. Speed test calculates the time it takes to receive packets back from the server. This latency rate is measured in milliseconds. Similarly it carries the download speed test by downloading multiple packets and checks how much bytes have been downloaded it a second and these are then of course converted too bits per second. The upload speed test is checked too by uploading multiple packets and then checking how many bytes were uploaded in a second. Speed is measure in Kbps (kilo bytes per second) or Mbps (megabytes per second)

Internet Download Speed Test Meter

This way internet speed tests tool check the speed at which your internet connection is working. Nothing magical about it! There are various internet service providers at your disposal claiming to be the one to provide you with the fastest internet service provided ever. For instance, PTCL, Wateen, Telenor, Zong, jazz, Witribe, Qubee, fariya network etc. You can check out the internet service provided by all these telecom companies. The internet speed provided by PTCL is quite exceptional which you can check. The speed test for PTCL network can also be checked here. This PTCL dsl speed test will again eventually allow you test your ptcl broadband speed. PTCL speed test meter will prove to be quite helpful in setting up a claim if your speed is not as promised. Like y you can check out speed test for ptcl, you can also do internet speed test for Wateen, also a telecom company. Speed test for qubee, which is slowly emerging as quite a telecom company with good internet connection and stable speeds can also be checked easily through this speed test meter. Not just these, internet speed tests for Wi-tribe, speed test for Pakistan’s biggest telecom company, Telenor can also be checked. Speed test for Telenor 3g in particular can easily be known. Similarly speed tests for Zong 3g and 4g are also within your access. Talking about Pakistan’s biggest telecom companies how can we forget Jazz or Mobilink? Here you can check out speed tests for jazz 3g too.Speed tests for Etisalat, Rogers, sky, charter and speed test for Fariya network internet speed Test Meter are also available.

Internet Upload Speed Test Meter

This speed test is not just for all telecom companies but also for different countries. No matter which corner of the world you live in all you have to do is click on this check internet speed of this internet speed test tool and you will know how your internet connection is faring. This speed test can be used to carry out speed tests for an eastern country like India or UAE or even the internet speed test for a western country like UK. Obviously you have to agree that wherever you live in this world you don’t have to worry a thing about your knowing your internet speed test. We are at your disposal with an exceptional internet speed test tool. All you have to do is open this website and click on the check speed button.