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Tips About How to secure facebook account from hackers

Hello Friends today I’m Going To Sharing Some Tips about How to secure your facebook account from hackers 2015. Because Now a days many people face this issues. Now I will give you some Basic and useful tips for Securing your facebook account from hacker. and how to secure your facebook privacy. So let’s Start! You need to create hi security and select best privacy option for it. I am starting with some small and local basis hacking.

How to secure facebook account
Tips About How to secure facebook account from hackers

How to Secure Facebook Account From Hacker

Follow Some Tips and Apply on your account I Hope When you Read this Full Article And apply you feel Secure. Read one by one and apply it.

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Need to secure your Local Area Network Connection

Friends In Local Networking anyone easily hack your accounts or trace your other activity via using some software’s. watch your screen and also can record your keystrokes. First of all you need to secure your Network interface connections. most of the people use two type of network adapter Lan card or Wireless Network Connection. If you are using Wired Network so you need to connect via your personal home router ignore local area sharing internet. If you are using WiFi Network So read this article “How to Secure Your Home (Wifi) Wireless Network” and apply all setting on your Wireless Router.

Use Antivirus for best computer Security

Nowadays any New and junior hacker using Keylogger type software’s. You need to secure your computer best antivirus. because antivirus catch all type keylogger type software. also info you if anyone try to connect your computer via local networking and other hackers attack. I suggest you Nod32 Antivirus for your computer best security.

What is Keylogger and pushing pages.

What is keylogger and pushing pages and how to secure. Freinds Keylogger is one small and useful hacking software. this software generate one small file. When hacker send this file on your computer via email WinRAR file or other way. and When this file run in your computer so then keep in mind your all screen shot and keyboard keystrokes start recording and auto sending mail on hacker email address via your computer. this is very small and famous hacking method. pushing page is also one of the best hacking method. Hacker make website same look like facebook but this website not genuine just copy first page same to same. when you enter your username and password and click on login button. so you watch other page and some time watch some error in login. but your username and password going on hacker database. One best way for secure this type hacker attack use best antivirus in your computer.

Remove unnecessary apps in facebook

Some time many types app add in facebook account you don’t now app working on background so Delete unnecessary apps Go To Setting >> Apps and click on remove icon on apps and remove apps.

facebook apps setting

Enable Mobile Verification option

This is one of the best option for secure your account from hacker. if Hacker Getting your password from any trick and type in browser and click on login then he face mobile verification code. this is I think unbreakable security without mobile. you can also enable this security on facebook, Google, Gmail Etc.

facebook mobile notification



I hope Now Your Question Complete How to Secure Facebook Account you like my Article I am waiting your best comments.